Sakha Consulting Wings Private Limited

Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt. Ltd. is a unique social enterprise, launched to provide safe transport solutions for women, by women in urban India. It offers three services :

  • Sakha Cabs for Women : A premium cab service driven by women for women in Delhi and NCR.
  • Sakha Chauffeur Placement Services: A one of a kind Chauffeur Placement Service on a full time basis within an agreed contract
  • Sakha Chauffeur on Call : Chauffeur services for a short duration or daily packages.

The services are available primarily to women and their families. The women drivers engaged by Sakha are handpicked from the poor and marginalized sections of society, and their entire training and development is undertaken by Azad Foundation, Sakha’s non-profit sister organisation. Driving skills are provided by Maruti Institute of Driving and Technology Research as well as our in-house trainers. In addition to driving, these women are taught self defense by the Delhi Police, Crime against Women Cell to equip them with the means to deal with any untoward incident that they may face on the roads.

Azad Foundation has ensured rigorous training in subjects such as map reading, routes and roads in Delhi, communications and grooming, as well as an understanding of women’s rights, particularly in protection from violence in public and personal spaces- so that a smart, confident and well trained woman is behind the wheels of your car.